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Eliza Bennett

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

A series of photographic works titled ‘A Woman’s Work is Never Done’ Using my own hand as a base material, I considered it a canvas upon which I stitched into the top layer of skin using thread to create the appearance of an incredibly work worn hand.  By using the technique of embroidery, which is traditionally employed to represent femininity and applying it to the expression of its opposite, I hope to challenge the pre-conceived notion that ‘women’s work’ is light and easy.  Aiming to represent the effects of hard work arising from employment in low paid ‘ancillary’ jobs, such as cleaning, caring and catering, all traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’. 

The technique, I recall first applying to my hand under a table during a home economics class in school. I was totally amazed to find that I could pass a needle under the top layers of skin without any pain, only a mild discomfort.  As with many childhood whims it passed and I hadn’t thought any more about it until quite recently when I decided to apply the process to my hand to make it appear calloused and work worn like that of a manual labourer. Some viewers consider the piece to be a feminist protest, for me it’s about human value. After all, there are many men employed in caring, catering, cleaning etc… all jobs traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’. Such work is invisible in the larger society, with ‘A woman’s work’ I aim to represent it.  (artist statement)


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I wanna watch a comedy where a straight girl and a gay guy both want some dud to fall in love with them so they both start competing for him and trying to find out if he’s straight or gay and at the end you find out he’s bi and they just look at each other with exhausted expressions on their faces

You’ve never seen CAMP??

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by Rasmus Ohlson

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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: 1950’s vampire gal


Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: 1950’s vampire gal

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Handy dandy venn diagram for your TV watching experience [fixed]

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The police are attacking people who are trying to help.

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forget howl lets talk about the real Stealer of the Show, spicy mama Prince Justin. how about a little fire scarecrow indeed mmmm 

i mentally wrote this post in the shower because i remembered him being a lot cuter but now i realize he looks like anthropomorphic banana pudding. well the lesson here is that we tried. prince justin tried and i think that’s something we can all relate to. sometimes you come out on top and sometimes you’re delicious custard 

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Ferguson’s starting to feel a lot like this.

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